Resources for patients with prostate cancer in Alberta

Clinical Services

Urology Clinics

Currently most new Alberta prostate cancer patients are seen within two urology clinics: The Alberta Urology institute in Edmonton and the Prostate Cancer Centre in Calgary.

  • The Northern Alberta Urology Centre. (NAUC) currently has 13 urologists in Edmonton representing both academic and clinical interests, as well as the only Urology Residency Training Program in Alberta. At the NAUC, patients are provided comprehensive care for prostate health and prostate cancer including diagnosis, treatment and research services to all men within Northern Alberta.

  • The Prostate Cancer Centre is located within the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology (SAIU) that houses all 16 urologists in Calgary. The SAIU provides a comprehensive range of urological services. The Prostate Cancer Centre provides comprehensive care to men in southern Alberta across the disease continuum including early consultation and rapid access to diagnostic testing, awareness, diagnosis, and education about treatment options and also conducts scientific and clinical research.


Over 90% of new prostate cancer patients in Alberta are seen in the two urology clinics and both of them house their own research centres and run a number of clinical trials to better serve prostate cancer patients. Many of these urologists are active members of APCaRI and are working collaboratively to execute the initiative’s strategic plan and research projects and programs including collection of clinical information along with tissue, blood, urine and semen specimens as part of the APCaRI Alberta Prostate Registry and BioRepository.

Cancer Centres

The Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary and the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton offer:

  • Patient navigation and tumour triage coordination
  • Diagnostic services
  • Treatment for prostate cancer
  • Supportive care for patients
  • Laboratory services
  • Nutritional, exercise, quality of life, orientation, and spiritual care programs
  • …. and more

Richmond Road Diagnostic and Treatment Centre in Calgary offers:

  • Outpatient clinic

Click here to see a detailed list of cancer centres across Alberta. Associate Cancer Centres provide patient navigation, treatment for prostate cancer (Systemic plus Radiation for Lethbridge and Red Deer; Systemic only for Medicine Hat and Grande Prairie), diagnostic services, laboratory services:


Support groups

Support groups in Alberta support men and their families on the journey with prostate cancer by increasing awareness of the disease and by offering help one-on-one or through support groups. To know more……

Links to internet resources

Prostate Cancer Canada also offers a series of resources and information.


Lifestyle Management

TrueNTH Lifestyle Management gives men access to physical activity and yoga programs in Alberta


The TrueNTH (pronounced True North) Lifestyle Management (LM) Program is part of the Global TrueNTH network funded by Movember (in partnership with Prostate Cancer Canada nationally). TrueNTH LM aims to improve the survivorship experience for men living with prostate cancer through physical activity, nutrition, and stress-reduction resources (programs and educational materials).

TrueNTH LM includes a free 12-week physical activity and yoga program with classes designed specifically to address the health and treatment related concerns for men living with prostate cancer. Men can also access a comprehensive online portal with tools, education, and home-based programming for help with staying active, reducing stress, and maintaining a proper diet.

In Calgary, TrueNTH LM has partnered with City of Calgary Recreation to offer programs at four different locations throughout the city. Registration is ongoing for men. In Edmonton, the Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic at the University of Alberta will be hosting a TrueNTH LM program starting in January 2016. Future programs will be announced as they become available. Men living in rural Alberta are able to join an online-based program at

All men who have been previously diagnosed with prostate cancer regardless of when they were diagnosed or what treatment they received can join the TrueNTH LM online portal or join a community program. Each person will undergo an initial health screening to ensure physical activity is safe.

For more information or to register, phone the Health and Wellness Lab in Calgary at 403-210-8482.

Letter for participants


APCaRI Program Director

APCaRI Program Director Apply here
As the Program Director for the Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative (APCaRI), the candidate will work to coordinate the translational goals of the team. With an overall goal of improving outcomes and quality of life for those living with prostate cancer, our team is integrating its efforts to develop new diagnostic tests for prostate cancer, to discover novel biomarkers for aggressive prostate cancer, and to conduct clinical trials to establish the value of our new diagnostics in the clinic. The director will also be coordinating a comprehensive Prostate Cancer Registry and Biorepository initiative called the Alberta Prostate Cancer Cohort. This ambitious prospective collection effort will serve as a validation cohort for diagnostic PCa tests under development by the team.

1. Facilitate the development and implementation of the Initiative’s business plan including strategic operational initiatives to support the Initiative’s goals.
a) Implement the prioritized list of action items/milestones/projects identified under the team business plan.
b) Manage and implement clinical and translational studies arising from the team’s research activities.
c) Co-lead and coordinate grant applications to support the initiative’s long-term goals.
2. Administrative leadership in all business operations including fiscal management of the Centre, including signing authority & responsibility for the Initiative’s research budget of $1-2 million annually.
3. Manage and implement clinical and translational studies arising from the team’s research activities.
a) Work with PIs and IT personnel to facilitate the management of a universal clinical database. Plan, execute and evaluate QC systems and report results to the Executive Committee
b) Coordinate the retrieval and analysis of archival specimens for inclusion into a province-wide database.
c) Maintain the prospective collection of prostate cancer biospecimens.
d) Market and distribute biospecimens and data to APCaRI members and to other researchers worldwide.
4. Manage funding and bureaucracy hurdles.
a) Allocation of funds to teams and PIs according to primary funding budgets.
b) Review any budgeting requests for follow-up programs, equipment etc.
c) Maintain up-to-date and accurate accounts on program expenditures especially relating to communications, IP protection, travel, and public awareness.
5. Recruitment, retention, and management of human resources within the Initiative. Work collaboratively with the Executive Committee to ensure HR strategies support the Initiative’s short and long-term operational needs.
6. Responsible for significant and strategic interactions, involvement, and collaborations within the University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, other academic institutions, and external partners, e.g. Prostate Cancer Canada, Motorcycle Ride for Dad, The Tomorrow Project, TEC Edmonton. and Innovate Calgary.
7. Plan, communicate and oversee the implementation of short and long-term infrastructure initiatives to meet the Centre’s evolving needs (e.g., biobanking, gran implementation, and clinical study management).
8. Facilitate the preparation of ethics, consent, and grant applications. Contribute to publications, press releases, public awareness, and web content.
9. Function as the primary liaison with APCaRI investigators and the Executive Committee by maintaining communication with the committee, attending committee meetings, and providing summaries to all members and PIs. This includes the coordination of monthly meetings that alternate between Calgary and Edmonton.
10. Maintain communication with team PIs, members, and end-users, including maintaining the APCaRI web page, and planning and organizing bi-annual APCaRI symposia.

An MSc. or Ph.D. degree from an accredited institution in Biology or a related biological sciences field with a minimum of five years (M.Sc.) or two years (Ph.D.) of clinical/translational research and/or clinical trials management experience is necessary.
5 to 10 years of (progressively responsible) management experience working in a clinical and translational research environment with a focus on strategic business practices, clinical study management, biobanking, or research team management.
3 to 5 years of experience working and supervising personnel.
Knowledge of current and emerging legislation related to personal and health information privacy in the Province of Alberta.
Experience preparing and submitting grant proposals, research publications, and communications
Proven accomplishments in research
Knowledge of human ethics regulations and Good Clinical Practices
Proven talent in being creative, innovative, and strategically focussed by articulating clinical research ideas and the ability to deliver them.
Proven ability to work collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams and health care professionals at all organizational levels.
An active listener with critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to be agile and adaptable to work independently and effectively in a very demanding, fast-paced setting with the ability to prioritize tasks, as required.
Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
Strong proficiency with technology and automated systems/software including MSOffice, Google Applications, and/or in-house databases.

In accordance with the Trust/Research Academic Staff Agreement, this position has a term length of 12 months, with the possibility of extension, and offers a comprehensive benefits package found at Faculty & Staff Benefits and an annual salary range of $84,669 – $116,421. Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.
Closing Date: Will remain open until filled. We thank all applicants for their interest, however, only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

- APCaRI is