David Broadhurst, PhD


Departments of Medicine and Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
4-126A Katz Group Centre
114 St & 87 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E1

Assistant Professor, Applied Biostatistician
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Broadhurst completed his PhD training in Biostatistics and Machine Learning at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth, UK in 1997.  Dr. Broadhurst is an internationally recognized expert specializing in Experimental Design (DoE), Signal Processing, Statistics, Multivariate Data Analysis, Data Visualization, and Bioinformatics. He investigates metabolomics-the systematic, and data-driven, study of temporal interactions between the compliment of low molecular weight (bio)chemicals (metabolites) abundant within living organisms, tissues and cells. His research focuses on the development of expert systems merging clinical and ‘omic biomarker (genomics; transcriptomics; proteomics; metabolomics) measurements into clinically relevant diagnostic tools. Translating basic science into personalized (or precision) medicine.

Relevant Publications

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Departments of Medicine and Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
4-126A Katz Group Centre
114 St & 87 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E1